We have extensive prenatal and postnatal programs for our moms throughout the process of preparing for pregnancy, managing pregnancy and postpartum. Our team all have speciality training in the prenatal and postnatal field to provide excellent and comprehensive care for our moms. We strongly believe that preparing for postpartum and preventing pelvic floor dysfunction in the future starts with rehab in pregnancy, even when there are no current complaints or issues. 

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Managing Pain/Symptoms in Pregnancy:  

We love to help our moms to feel as prepared as possible as they enter labor and birth. We provide education, manual therapy and exercise to improve pelvic and hip mobility, manual therapy and education to prepare the pelvic floor muscles for effective pushing and breathing techniques as well as reducing risk for perineal tearing. 

Planning to become pregnant? This is an exciting time! We can help manage and resolve any current issues you may have with pains, bladder or bowel dysfunction to feel your best as you enter pregnancy. We highly recommend this as well if you are planning a subsequent pregnancy and have lingering pelvic floor dysfunction from prior pregnancies. 

Pregnancy Prep:  

We are here to tell you that pain in pregnancy is not normal! Staying active throughout pregnancy is so important to reduce birth complications, risk for gestational diabetes and preeclampsia and for mental health. We help to manage and resolve pain for you to stay active and pain free even in the third trimester. We also help to resolve any urinary leakage, constipation and/or pelvic pressures and pains throughout pregnancy. 

Labor and Delivery Prep:  

We help at any stage of postpartum - whether you are a few weeks to years postpartum - it is never too late for rehab. We provide extensive postpartum evaluations addressing postural changes, diastasis recti, scar tissue, pelvic floor strength and coordination, hip strength and balance. We help you to resolve any concerns around bladder, bowel and sexual health. We provide resources for mental health and struggles with sleeping and feeding to improve your overall well being and easing your transition as a new or seasoned mom. Depending on your stage of recovery, we help you to make a comprehensive plan to return to certain goals such as running, weight lifting, jumping, or any activity that you desire to return to safely. 

Postpartum Recovery

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