Break Free Pelvic Health & Wellness was founded by Dr. Gretchen Brooker, DPT, PRPC in pursuit of passion for patients with pelvic floor dysfunction struggling to find lasting relief in the traditional medical model. Evidence based practice shows us that pelvic floor therapy IS the number one recommended treatment approach for diagnoses like incontinence, prolapse and constipation - however, we are still told that we have to accept these diagnoses and symptoms based upon aging, childbirth, etc. We do not have to accept a life dedicated to pads, finding a toilet everywhere we go and embarrassment of potty problems - we have excellent results with minimally invasive and long lasting treatment approaches through physical therapy. 

Pelvic floor physical therapy operates differently than traditional physical therapy clinics. Break Free Pelvic Health & Wellness ONLY specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation. You will not be participating in therapy with others that are there for an ankle injury or ACL rehab. Our clinic is designed to accommodate only those with pelvic floor dysfunction for privacy and peace. We accommodate mothers who need access to bring their babies. We know that pelvic floor dysfunction also affects men and we welcome men into our practice. We also know that pelvic floor dysfunction commonly starts in childhood with chronic constipation and we are dedicated to addressing issues as early as they arise in childhood to prevent life long issues. By recognizing that pelvic floor dysfunction affects all ages and genders, we have a team with experience and advanced training equipped to treat women, men and children. 

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Challenge the System 

Treat the Why

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Our Treatment Process

The pelvic floor muscles are hardly ever an issue at random, or by themselves. There has usually been some underlying dysfunction for a long period of time and it is our job to find out why the pelvic floor muscles are now weak, tight, uncoordinated, painful, etc. We have to look head to toe to answer why the pelvic floor is dysfunctional.

Once we discover all the issues contributing to pelvic floor dysfunction, we treat them! If the pelvic floor muscles are weak, we may need to be strengthening the core and hips to support the pelvic floor. If the pelvic floor muscles are tight or painful, we may need manual therapy techniques, nervous system strategies, stretching or correction of movement patterns. We must treat head to toe for the pelvic floor to function as it should. 

Not leaking anymore? Yay! Now it's time to challenge your system. Do we need to run or jump? If yes - let's see how our pelvic floor responds under load and stress of exercise and daily activities. This applies to returning to sex, traveling, sitting for extended periods - anything that would typically flare symptoms, we need to make sure our body can manage.  

The pelvic floor muscles have a degree of "autonomic" activity where we don't really need to think about peeing, pooping or sexual function. They just do. When they are not supporting these functions properly, it can be life altering. Once we identify the underlying issue, treat it and challenge it - that is when we take back our lives over pelvic floor issues and truly live confidently without fear of pain, leaking, prolapse or constipation (to name a few) taking over our lives. 

Dr. Gretchen founded Break Free Pelvic Health & Wellness in 2021 on Johns Island, SC. She has been practicing physical therapy for five years and found her love for pelvic health while a student in physical therapy school. She loves providing specialized physical therapy care and devoting her career to pelvic health. She understands how pelvic floor dysfunction can make patients feel hopeless and embarrassed to seek help - she sees many similar stories of pain and issues dismissed as a “normal” part of periods, birth, postpartum, menopause - you name it. She is committed to breaking this standard of “normal” and helping patients find true relief of pain and symptoms. She also enjoys treating men for pelvic floor issues and has years of experience in treating orthopedic issues such as low back and hip pain that tend to have a strong connection to pelvic health as well. She is trained in manual therapy and dry needling to help her patients find relief.

Dr. Gretchen, DPT, PRPC

Doctor of Physical Therapy,
Board Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner

Jillian joined our team with a passion to impact our efforts in serving those with pelvic floor dysfunction through the lens of an occupational therapist. Her interest for pelvic health began while in school at the University of Buffalo discussing sexual dysfunction and its profound impact on quality of life. She also personally has experienced rehab after multiple injuries as a Division 1 swimming athlete and understands firsthand the physical and emotional support needed to rehabilitate the body as a whole. She has experience working with female athletes as well as people of all ages with pelvic floor dysfunction interfering with their daily life. She enjoys working with chronic pain conditions, pelvic pain, sexual pain and dysfunction, constipation and bowel conditions that commonly affect women and men, alike. She provides trauma-informed care and is passionate about empowerment and providing person-first treatment and compassionate care.

Jillian Lawton, MS OTR/L

Occupational Therapist
Masters in Rehabilitation Medicine

Meet the Team

Dr. Kaleigh Mathis, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Hey there! I recently moved to the Charleston area from my hometown of Lake Tahoe, California. My family and I absolutely love everything that this area has to offer! On the weekends you can find us at the beach, or hiking in the mountains. Health & wellness has always been a passion of mine. From a young age, I had always dreamed of a career where I can help others. I am so delighted to be a part of the Break Free Pelvic Health team! 

Hilary Holbrook

Office Manager & Patient Care Coordinator:

Kaleigh’s love for pelvic health began in physical therapy school and grew into a passion following success with her own journey through pelvic rehab. Her favorite part about being a physical therapist is treating her patients with a holistic lens while educating and empowering them to be strong advocates for their health. She enjoys working with chronic orthopedic pain conditions, sexual pain and dysfunction, incontinence, and pelvic pain across the lifespan. With a background in pediatrics, treating children holds a special place in her heart and has provided her with tools translating to compassionate, patient driven care … all while trying to have a little fun at every age!

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I highly recommend Dr. Brooker for any mom-to-be or new mom! She is a wealth of information and will really spend time with you so you understand the body-mechanics of the birth process. She'll help empower you to prepare your body for birth to minimize injury and she'll guide you through best-practices of postpartum recovery. If you are worried about how to safely return to your day-to-day physical activities and workout routines, please see Dr. Brooker!

- Celia B.