We are one of the only pelvic health clinics in the Charleston area that treat male pelvic health. Our therapists are trained specifically in male pelvic floor conditions to provide knowledge and evidence based practices to improve pelvic health for men. 

Men's Health

Bowel Dysfunction: 

We can help with sexual pain related to erectile function and ejaculation, as well as any erectile dysfunction without a known cause. Many times the pelvic floor is involved in pain during sexual activity and can contribute to difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection.

Men's Pelvic Health Conditions We Specialize In:

We treat bladder dysfunction in men that can arise as bladder frequency and urgency (overactive bladder), difficulty emptying the bladder, and bladder pain or interstitial cystitis. We are trained to see men pre and post prostatectomy surgery to prep the pelvic floor and overcome urinary leakage that is common post op.  

Bladder Dysfunction:

We commonly treat constipation as the pelvic floor is a common culprit in difficulty emptying the bowels and with chronic straining. We can also address any fecal leakage, IBS, chronic hemorrhoids or anal fissures due to chronic constipation and tension in the pelvic floor muscles. 

Sexual Dysfunction

We help with an array of aches & pains related to the lower back, hips, and tailbone in men. We can also help with genital pain that is commonly in the testicles, anal region and perineum. Many times the pelvic floor is involved and requires a comprehensive musculoskeletal exam including the spine and abdomen. 

Aches & Pains: 

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